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Our Company

SALAYIDIN LTD. sector experience is a young company that has an adequate management and operations team. The age requirements, customer requirements, which are able to respond in the best way SALAYIDIN LTD. sectoral innovations and technological developments are followed closely. Our trading experience to share with our customers, to provide the benefit of themselves, which is dominated by very different rules and challenging market conditions that we set out to download the most light. Usually encountered the problem of quality control, timely and observe orders, customers are downloading from the beginning zero probability of damage.

We have a strong industry, especially furniture (education, office, city), interior and exterior decoration, construction materials, electrical and energy technology, construction machinery and lighting group is the sector of the product are available on request to our customers using in our own credit little by little differently from the companies collect from our warehouse the products they want we offer them the privilege to mixed containers. Company Russian, English, Chinese, Turkish and Turkmen our staff contributes to your ability to trade with maximum efficiency by you.

Salayidin Group CEO

Quality Policy

image Research - development activities of our consumer to suit different lifestyles and patterns of use, world-class, to create a human and environmentally friendly products and produce.

image Innovation and technological developments by following continually raise the bar on product quality, to proceed with confident steps towards becoming a global brand and maintain our leading companies in the market structure. However, mainly export our work to gain entry to exchange large employment benefits in terms of Turkey and our investments is to support the national economy by creating labor.

image In national and international competition, not only economic product to meet the customer's requirements, but also good quality, reliable and plays an important role to be met promptly. For this purpose, our company; "Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction" with the slogan, which constantly improving economic of customer requests, quality, quality policy has been identified as essential to meet a reliable and timely manner.